The Lover​/​Fighter Document LP

by Jonathan Emile

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released October 9, 2015











all rights reserved


Jonathan Emile Montreal, Québec

There’s nothing new under the sun? Jonathan Emile, forces listeners to question the truth of this ancient proverb. In 2011 he garnered attention with the release an "EP” which was long-listed for 2011 Grammy Nominations for Rap Album of The Year. Emile recently collaborated with KRS-1, Kendrick Lamar, Buckshot, Naledge & Murs for his anticipated debut album, "The Lover/Fighter Document LP" ... more

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Track Name: Radiation (I Made It)
(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
Mama I made it
Papa I made it
Through the perils and the storms
I learned to carry on
And everything that you have done
Has helped me overcome
Mama I made it
Papa I made it

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
Minced meat brother I am on my grind
I got these weak dudes dipping like a limbo line
Five fourteen, now's about my time
Word to Dr. Frankenstein, he’s screaming I'm alive
And so well like bucket and rope in it
Obama swagger put the change and the hope in it
Hold a flow down like a news anchor do it
Heavily medicated so now I give them dope music
I'm not a rapper; I'm a general up in the movement
And what I value most I could never loose it
See, radiation -- hardest 5 weeks of my life
And the is no other harder other brother on the mic
So I give them what they need laced with what they like
And when you hear it, it's like riding a bike
You hesitate at first then remember how it's done
Cause it's classic, but it's fresh, and it's smart and it’s fun

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
And I radiate like a star
I'm so driven I am whipping more that your car
Words epic floating back like star wars
Hospital ward I.V. was a mic chord
I break a weak dude, like a paradigm
They say I'm too complex when I write a rhyme
I'm just well read-- stop sign
E got clips so you could never block shine
(Plow) And frankly dude
If you don't feel, you don't feel
And you ain't real so don't come around
No syndrome homes I am not down
Come through flashing like photo light
I’m the future like a prototype
Hype, and I wasn’t born to write
I was born to love, I was born to fight

(Outro – Jonathan Emile)
Even if I try,
I could never say I’m a savior
I could only be everything I need to be
Even If I die,
Keep my name out of your scripture
Cause you know and I know
We only got one life to live
We only got one life to live
Even if I die,
We only got one life to live
We only got one life to live
We only got one life to live
We only got one life to live
Track Name: Movement Music
(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
North, South; see what Babylon do? -- see what Babylon do
East, West; see what Babylon do? -- see what Babylon do
You can’t stop the music
You can’t stop the movement – you can’t stop the movement
You can’t stop the music

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
Nuff refugees is living everyday inside a tent
Ghetto dey have no shoes so yo dem can not pay di rent
Some sey a change has come and we look pon di president
But he is not a savior nor is he a Clark Kent
Jah children in di desert and we stay lost for day
Child soldier for the dealers and we stay ready to spray
And what I must convey is that we have gone astray
Jah children must unite without no pausing or delay
Gave AIDS to all my people with vaccine for polio
Dem causing war fi oil and jus a melt up all di snow
IMF dey steady hustling and thieving all di dough
Politican a mek money dey won’t legalize di dro
Some stay ignorant an wonder what a gwan
But every time all a ounnu hear Jonathan
I’m bringing you di fire like di Armageddon
To bun Babylon bun Babylon bun

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
The game faded like Jordan at buzzer beater
And we live it up cause we could never have done it neither
Before the stadium was close unless we was gladiators
I’ll show you the real world call me the navigator
Call me aviator cause my lens is hella fly
Inner vision like Stevie Eonder eyes
Do or die, homie need no eye
I and I testify
That these are the days and times
When they never ever giving you the time of day
So if you balling then you must be balling like castaway
Se Jon E in that basement
I mean that Jay-Den unless you talking to Will-Son
I build something, then kill something then heal something
Martin Luther King Dream
Plus there ain’t no I in team
Plus there ain’t no I in dream
Only in dreaming
So I’m scheming to heal something for real
Look through my lens to see how I feel

(Bridge – Jonathan Emile)
From the west back to the east aha
In di belly of di beast aha
Dem wan revolution
Dem wan revolution

From di north unto di south aha
What you’re hearing out their mouths aha
Dem wan liberation
Dem wan liberation, oh
Track Name: Edge Of The World feat. Murs
(Hook – Jonathan Emile & Angela Nashed)
Nobody knows where you’re from
Nobody even knows that you came
Feeling like the tip of the flame
Nobody even knows your name
You’re standing at the edge of the world
You’re standing at the edge of the world

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
The flesh and the breath, is far outweighed by the depths of the soul
I never go cold
I never grow old
Even if I never go gold
Woah, I’m never gon fold I
Map it out while y’all dudes is so lost
Cause I know the system like Solar
I’m cold dog like polar and so far
I flow hard like sonar I see sharks
I see marks like tattoos from bad news
This ain’t EA do not play me dude
It’s 7:30 watch your six
I fill up/Phillip banks like the daddy on the fresh prince
I ain’t trying to run a negative campaign
I ain’t even trying to bring you camp pain
The West Indian dance to bring about our reign
Like a hurricane, and let the people sing

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
In war plan for peace in peace plan for war
Count your blessings do not count the score
Record labels are slave drivers fronting they chaperones
I’m out on my own
Free and full grown
Plus I call it like I see it like a camera phone
Stay on your dome… wave cap
Graphite C-class tiptronic see black
Whipping through the city like I’m Indiana Jones
Forget spitting fire, brother I flame flow
Stay on point but this is not a game show
I focus on the real
In and out of the booth
I watch your videos eyes closed on mute
This is for my fam
My fans who held me down
Through the cancer
Held me like an anchor
Joy and the anger
This one’s a banger
Mindpeacelove I want to thank you
Thank You

(Verse 3 – Murs)
Now this is for the nameless faceless who know where their place is
Edge of the world never far from God’s graces
Me I’m just happy with the basics
If I cant save the world what’s the point of being famous?
I’d rather remain anonymous than have a huge chain and spit game to the hottest chick
Why waste time chasing fame playing politics,
When I could change lives like a trained oncologist?
Set examples for the youth that follow us
And pray everyday for the children of Somalia
This is for my little cousin Nadia
Fighting leukemia, she’s stronger than a lot of us
Ask yourself what you’re living for
Is it all about greed and getting more
Make a difference in a life that isn’t yours
That’s exactly what I got into the business for
Track Name: Reception
(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
These Brothers gassed up Texaco Shell Esso
Homie I am a vessel
Reflection of the divine
A testament to my time
You sleep I'm on my grind
Bruxism nizzim like a leaver I am inclined
VIP section yeah homie I'm out of line
I'm skipping strait to the shine
Some taking it as a crime
Care less about procedure I'm here to get my dinner
No stove he thaw cold up in the winter
Sinner winner inventor
But far from a beginner
Collabo with some of illest of our times
See the future computer homie it's all mathematics
These dudes never understood my Calculus and tactics
Bruh, you not supposed to
They focusing on local
I'm global and bicoastal
My focal is on my totals
Zip across the world like the front of you jacket or postal
Code erode the facade and maintain the covenant
Your shit more illusion than these democratic governments
From a city that whole game ignores
So when I call LA they say yo homie where 514
After making it through cancer I felt like I was meant for more
I'm the GOAT in my city I'm cleaving you from the herd
Welcome to Montréal a landscape of the absurd
Where every rapper raps like a rapper you already heard
And every punch-line's a falt-line
Y'already know the words so...

(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
Must be something wrong with the phone
Cause I don't really hear ya
And you could do whatever you like
I be on my something different
Must be something wrong with the phone
Cause I don't really hear ya
Must be something wrong with the phone
Cause I don't really see y'all either

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
And what I've learned make sure you win even when you loose
You are only bound by the life that you choose
I'm on my money train you could never call me fake
Light skin Wesley Snipes, call me dark skin Drake
Intake, get cake flow cold Great Lakes
Full House venues
Ashley Mary-Kate
I never sold that white girl
But we started from the bottom and we living in a white world
They as what up with the Kendrick situation
Never dealt with the artist only the corporation
Some are for revolution
Some are for institutions
Some are focused on profit and others are on solutions
At the end of the day make music people feel
And that ain't nothing to do with keeping it real
Some say I get good reception cause I got full bars
And others say Jonathan, who you the think you are?!
Word to my mamma she said that I'm a star
Word to my pops he said that I'm a star
They say Jonathan, who you the think you are?!
I'm far from perfect -- only perfect from a far
Track Name: Warp 9
(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
Sweet heart, woman
You are, the one,
I’m dreaming of.
Every single time that I be closing my eyes

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
Extra ordinary
Extra planetary
You are my constellation navigation emissary
Yeah you sexy very
Yeah it’s necessary
For me to say it clearly
I Hope that you can hear me
Through the nebulas and galaxy and stars
You are the centre of my universe hey yo I’m never far
Your gravity attracts
You synergy is that energy
Propelling me through the empty spaces that are black
Ugh, and all the places of my mind
We are made of stars, we’re part of the divine
Let’s star trek, take it to maximum warp
You’re my Uhura so you speak my language of course
If you are having girl problems I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a breach ain’t one
This ain’t VH1
Hey yo my love is not a season,
It’s force and balance and elements and reason

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
Tension ascension, I see your inner god
I view you in the light, I feel you in the dark
Matter black princess intense you so shadowy
Everywhere and everything I love when you’re surrounding me
So profoundly, so astoundingly
How you so fly and constantly grounding me?
When I see you I want to take it to the next level
Boldly go where no man has gon before and settle
You are simply out of this world
My goddess my princess my empress my girl
Forever we expand like the universe on a thirst for knowledge
And even when we volatile, my style’s to wrap around your milky way
Take a trip through the Stargate
Set a course and just set it straight
My coordinates is my ordinance watch me levitate
Track Name: Hi-Lo
(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
Heartbreak is a hell of a thing
Heartbreak is a hell of a thing
Are you ready to sing
Are you ready for wings
Are you ready to fly
Are you ready finna touch the sky
I come through and I open my third eye
Never will I testify or comply
Sitting in a room alone I ask Why?
My love ones got to die? Why?
Just because cous, just because cause
I'm a standup guy no joke
Swinging all heavy with my back against ropes
Sometimes you get the feeling the feeling you can cope
When you make bread and sharing the whole loaf
Finna get burned it turned all toast
No hope but a rope or dope won’t help you float your boat in open ocean to the coast
Remember you’re a lover remember you're a fighter
Remember you’re a lover remember you're a fighter
My life is like…

(Bridge – Jonathan Emile)
Incredible highs
Terrible lows
The life of a lover
The life of a fighter

(Hook – Jonathan Emile & Ruth Emile)
High, Low

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
I remember the days in the hospital bed
Heavy as lead
Feeling I'm already dead
Game is on lock like a dread
Game is on lock like a dread
Then they break bread
See how they capitalize
Lyrics tell nothing but lies
See how they bring the demise
See how they wear the disguise
See how they closing they eyes
They already closed
Look inside who do you see?
Who can you be?
Can you be free?
Can you be you?
Can I be me – me?

(Verse 3 – Jonathan Emile)
I wasn't, I wasn't sure that I would ever make it
And if I got through it I promised I would never fake it
And I know I -- I know -- I know you must get that cheddar
But I know I -- I know -- I know that we can make it better
Track Name: The Century feat. Buckshot
(Hook – Jonathan Emile & Angela Nashed)
Melodies like memories of where we are
Memories like melodies of where we are
In the dissonance of time…

(Verse 1 - Jonathan Emile)
It's been a long time coming
Harriet Tubman, a brother stay running
Towards freedom flyer than the blackbird
How these dudes lack thought but never words?
The Century is power
My crew shows up with the 11 nines like the twin towers
I’m the 12th disciple
Never need a rifle
Swearing on the Bible
Take oath and break the cycle
Yeah I'm in the house like Barack Obama
Bowtie so fly, I know they want to bring drama
Dem too small fi we
Only a slave to my destiny I shall succeed
Intelligent black men are endangered
Polar, Grizzly, Panda I bear it all
Feeling like DuBois at Niagara Falls
Step fresh call it moonwalk like Armstrong, Houston copy this they can't not
Represent the whole future and the have-nots
I have lots, homie get your own
Times a chaperone
You are not alone

(Hook – Jonathan Emile & Angela Nashed)
Melodies like memories of where we are
Memories like melodies of where we are
In the dissonance of time…

(Verse 2 - Buckshot)
You never could keep a good man down
In the hood man down
Mean the cops is around
Do you hear the sound?
Do you feel the ground or the cuffs?
It don’t matter cause soon as you turn around there’s a snuff
Enough we puff to the memories when they freed us
Went from slaves to made leaders
God lead us on the path of righteous
Cause I might just slip up and clip up like this
Extra mags, few extra bags
Who’s next to crash save the best for last
Oh yes the flags is raised for war
I just can’t take it no more I got to score
Raise up, blaze up
Got my mind made up now I’m ready for the change up
Marcus, Martin, Malcolm
We came a long way when they say how come
I tell them it’s

(Hook – Jonathan Emile & Angela Nashed)
Melodies like memories of where we are
Memories like melodies of where we are
In the dissonance of time…
Track Name: Be Okay
(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
You could cry out in the middle of the coldest night
Things gon be alright
I’m gon be beside you
And you could stand tall in the midst of the brightest day
I won’t be far away
Things gon be okay, hey

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
You asked me if “I’d love you if you was a janitor”?
I laughed at ya,
Cause I could care less,
Whatever you do, you’re my empress
I’m a approach you with the realness and the tenderness
We so young, love full grown
Grow more, take it home
Make a home no I’m never breaking off
I know that you feel how I feel
It’s kind of hard, being patient
And waiting when I was a patient
I guess I figured out something about it
You gon make it love do not doubt it
We are where we are for a reason
Keep breathing
Whatever - Whatever
Somehow I know things are coming together
Somehow I know that’ll you’ll be where you need to be whenever

(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
You could cry out in the middle of the coldest night
Things gon be alright
I’m gon be beside you
And you could stand tall in the midst of the brightest day
I won’t be far away
Things gon be okay, hey

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
And I’m just trying to be a good man
Make good music, that’s a good plan
Live good give back to my hood
Just like mommy and daddy said I should
Should-of could-of would-of happens all the time
This a new day stay on that grind
Say destiny is mine, we gon be fine
And damn you fine
Sorry had to drop the line to let you know
Switch it up again and then drop a new flow
We were who we were this the remix
You still beautiful and a genius
So, let’s go lover girl
You’re my heart, you’re my world
Whenever you frustrated like that
Ease back and just play this track
Come on
Track Name: Coconut Wata
(Bridge - Jonathan Emile)
Steady steady rocking
Steady steady rocking with you
All tru di day
All tru the night

(Hook - Jonathan Emile)
Coconut wata
Coconut wata
Coconut wata
Coconut wata

(Verse 1 - Jonathan Emile)
The love we share, is o so rare
When you’re not around, I feel you there
Di love we have, is oh so real
You hold me down you know the deal
You’re love refreshes, my body and soul
You are such a blessing, you’re so natural
From the earth, but a gift from above
The purest expression, a lesson in love

(Verse 2 - Jonathan Emile)
They say that love is a drug
I think they mean affliction
Love is more like a food without it -- malnutrition
I’m playing all positions short stop on a mission
Attractions addiction and loving is just consistent building
And when I come back from war,
And when I come off of tour
You’re who I'm coming home for
I'm fresh and they dinosaurs
I ain't the jealous type I’m a let you do your thing
Superman, Super-scary; Clark Kent, Stephen king
And plus you got the ring so I keep you binged out
And I got you Gwen Stephanie shorty no doubt
It's easy to fall in love, that’s why the call it falling
And if love affection then I'm an alcoholic
Zip Code postal abroad local
You could salsa to this beat, call it loco
Coco nut then you mix it with the rum
Like di bad gyal come out when you mix her with the drums
Track Name: The City That Always Sleeps feat. Tek Luciano & Natasha Marie
(Hook - Jonathan Emile)
Good morning
Is that sunshine in the rain?
New dawning
Somehow everything’s the same
Sun keeps rising in the east
Everybody cares the lease about what you’ve done
The city that always sleeps
The city that always sleeps
The city that always sleeps
The city that always sleeps -- on their own

(Verse - Jonathan Emile)
Black Leonard Cohen I’m flowing I’m blowing up
I remember throwing shows and when no one was showing up
And as I step up out the city everybody want to see him
Cause I’m killing them killing them like the policia
Of the axis, Ciao, Sayonara, Auf Weidersehen
You push a couple keys my dude I'm Oscar Peterson
Leaders in the field without bringing the heaters in
Heathen they be breathing the hate and it's only feeding him
Yo, you ate in my genre my sector or my lane thought
You candle, handle your business I'm on my flame throw
Your lame bro homie my dude we're not the same yo
Dude’s two stepping I'm Argentinian tango
Yo, got a wicked flow but you are a minstrel show
MTL is cold brother get your winter coat
Monopoly oligarchy Spectra of Evenko
Westside Barclay Walkley Shevchenko
I do what I want most do what they can
Homie I could snatch your girl like Boko Haram
But I don't give a damn cause this is black-democratic-socialism-feminism in a Babylonian system
I'm just making a killing while I'm making my living
It's a beautiful city ghetto mentality vision and what you want fly
I’m the first of the flock
From that cross on the mountain to the port at the dock
Ain't no reason to jock homie you look lost
Cause a brother one game like Ubisoft and you be soft
Bad news about Bad News
Light a Dutch for Dutch Montreal we can't lose
Track Name: Heaven Help Dem feat. Kendrick Lamar
(Hook - Jonathan Emile)
You see the beast starts sprayin’
That's what I'm sayin’
Dem not playin’
Lord, Heaven Help Dem, Heaven Help Dem
See di man dem ‘pon di corner ‘pon cocked ready to draw
When dem face in-front of Jah
God, Heaven Help Dem, Heaven Help Dem

(Verse 1: Jonathan Emile)
Feast your eyes realize this one
That the police are just people with guns
I mean people with funds and guns given the power of blood
To lick-a-shot in a di street and get your people to run — son
And when a cop dies, we all mortified
But when a cop kills he don’t need no alibi
I’m not sayin’ that they should be flawless
I’m telling you the world is lawless
Because we got young knuckleheads power tripping with they tools
And who they serving and protecting? Brother not you…
Not true? Why you think dem call dem babylon?
Cause them just agents of the system
Twist one up get your fist up in the air
Diallo, Bell, and Villanueva I say a prayer
I wonder do they include all the police murders when they go and calculate the murder rate each year?

(Verse 2 - Kendrick Lamar)
They all say the average black man only live 'til 25
Pac died at 25
How many kids you know dead at 20? Five?
Now that's life, I know 10 that's crumbling in coffins
Dead as a doorknob
Fresh out of high-school and couldn’t find no job
Went straight to the grave
It’s crazy how the grim reaper in love with such tender age
I think about it as I gaze upon my ceiling
He woke up brushed his teeth then jumped in the shower
Stared at the mirror after he dried his face with a towel
And said, "This can be the day I might pass away
From an altercation my homie got into yesterday
Or mistaken identity, him thinking I was his enemy
When I never seen him a day in my life"
This is life for a young black man
With his future and his burner in his hand
While you’re on your grind, keep this mind
We say…

(Bridge - Jonathan Emile & Kendrick Lamar)
Heaven help the man who takes another man’s life
Heaven help the man who makes the other man fight
Heaven help the man who fears the other man because he got a tan or he black or he white
(That’s Jonathan Emile by the way)
Heaven help the mamma who just lost her by they guns and the justice that was there for safety
(Mindpeacelove records)
And heaven knows just why they had to take his life
(Take ‘em home)
And people are angry and people want answers
He wasn’t a nuisance he wasn’t a gangster
They want justice in these streets but there seems to be no justice for police and so
Heaven help the man who crush another man will
Heaven help the man who makes another man kill
Help the rioters who’s going crazy
In the streets all they’re really screaming out is save me

(Outro – Jonathan Emile)
Kendrick Lamar, I want to thank you very much for doing this song
It’s Jonathan Emile, 514 stand up
Franco Proietti on the alto saxophone
Jonathan Emile on the beat
This goes out to anybody who has been a victim of abuse of power
Hate, violence. It’s time we stand up
Ferguson aye, to the world. Ahh..
Montréal, New York, ayy
Dem killin’ da people dem
Lyin’ to the people all the time. Ahh..
Inna da streets you see a rainbow
We’re marching for our rights
Track Name: A.G.E.S.
(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
See dis ya riddim dedicated to my mother’s brother Andel who died in Jamaica
He was a victim of violence
What is a voice in the silence?
But defiance and pure perseverance
This is the black people experience
The governments - just legalize gangster
Pushing their corporate agendas
And I and I want to discuss survival
Not just diss up my rival
Cause if we keep acting tribal
We will be dead pon arrival
And the promise land is the very land we're living in
Its all about how your treating your sisteren
Unhh or your brethren
In the times we're living in

(Hook 1 – Jonathan Emile)
Inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Cause we're livin' in the ages
And we a talk like we sages
Inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Inna di inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Cause we're livin' in the ages
Stepping sharp and courageous

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
Cancer put the fear of life in me now I'm in the cut like austerity dog measure the clarity
I recollect like charity
everything is everything like Dolla Dolla parity
Remember when they wouldn't lettuce / let us like a greek salad
And now we cry conspiracy and say it ain't valid
The poor whites the black arabs and hispanics
The asiatics across the planet its all panic
Fighting the beast, take to the streets
North to the south to the west to the east
All up in the middle, hot like a kettle
First they belittle then they carry heavy metal
Its hard to change when all you trying to do is work
The heat to your chest do more than iron your shirt
The bail outs the bought bills by corporations
The parliament and the congresses they stay debating
Homie we are future, why we still waiting?
This is our time, we're living in the ages

(Hook 2 – Jonathan Emile)
Inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Cause we're livin' in the ages
And we going through some
Inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Inna di inna di struggle have to give thanks and praises
Cause we're livin' in the ages
Revolution in out phrases
Track Name: Pertina Gayle feat. Kim Richardson
(Verse 1 - Jonathan Emile)
I don’t care if the radio play this
Grandma I got to say this
First of all I want to thank you for mother
And getting with that brother
Whom I never knew grand mama who
Left Jamaica braced the cold
Paved the road
Came with soul
The rest unfold
Working in the house for a minimum amount
Take that money stack it in the bank account
How many floors you clean? You can’t count
Jesus sees the righteous without looking at their actions
You never got board from looking at Ironing board
Now I’m sitting up on the board of my own company
Look at what you’ve done for me

(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
Grand-Mama there is nothing that I can say in words
To thank you for what you have done for us
Mama I want to thank you for being so strong with love
And daddy you’re the man that I want to become
I love Y’all
One Love

(Verse 2 - Jonathan Emile)
Mommy stepped off the plane
Daddy came back form the afro man
Mommy was looking for her education
Picked psychology she stayed till the gradation
And daddy was in the army
He said forget that I’m a just travel abroad G
Came right back to Canada
Hold up I’m a have to switch it a flip the parameter
Grandma worked hard in houses for rich dude
Mama worked hard in the hospital too
When was smart she stacked the dough
Where you think she got that from through
Yo check it, but Grandma went out on limb
Doing like some of her kin
But yo she would win
Like she was chosen
Then rest would follow to shine light upon the snow
So let them know

(Verse 3 - Jonathan Emile)
Opportunity love
That’s what necessity does
Cause, we struggle we fight we move on
I got to thank my grandmamma for being so strong
Daddy felt racism like a barrage
Growing up in Québec a young black boy
Good thing the army done made him that strong
Mama finish work yo I was ready born
They finished their degrees but life is an education
Psychology the other was law
She ended up in social work both of them
It’s funny how sometimes it works that rhythm
Of life, requires sacrifice if my parents raised me twice
They could not do it better
What does this entail
The catalyst of this movement Pertina Gayle

(Outro - Kim Richardson)
I want to thank you mama
Don't forget papa
You know I love
I love You Grand-mama
Hey, yea we hold you up high thank you
Ain't no words can't describe how much we love you
Track Name: Endless Light
(Hook – Jonathan Emile)
Deh pon your journey all I want to wish you is -- endless light
Courage and strength and determination -- relentless fight
Through the adversity and darkness of night
Jah guide we -- with endless light

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
Do you know there's a war?
Do you know who you're fighting for?
Emptiness is heavy heavy -- in your hands
Cause nothing is unfolding as you planned

So now you're grasping in the dark
With chains upon your heart
Someone is praying for you -- to persevere
So let me make this thing a little more clear

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
Do you know you're not alone?
We are far from home
It's never never I alone
It's I and I just so you know, it's I and I so let them know

You'll make mistakes for sure
But there's always a cure
Addiction, poverty, depression and abuse;
With Jah Jah by your size I and I can never lose
Travel on…

(Verse 3 – Jonathan Emile)
Life is fragile melting candle can you handle dream
An awesome prophesy concoction state of self that you feid
As an addition seld infliction a desire so deep
That at night you fight your thoughts and got to right just to sleep
And you weep and you keep sentiment deep inside
And you try express but the words cant describe
What’s inscribed in you mind reading books to organize
You vocalize for your dream
You’re willing to die
Then suddenly that morbid concept manifests on the real
And you realize your melting candle ain’t made of steel
Timor diagnosis doctors office no emotion
You’re only pondering your dream and all your loves devotion
You thought you’d rock a mic until you rocked a chair on the porch Uplift with a gift now you think about passing the torch
Life is a dream, a purpose a motive a cause
And if you ain’t shining your light then you doing something wrong
Track Name: The Time feat. Ashley Rose
(Hook – Ashley Rose)
Soo little time
I hope you’re having the time of your life
This is our time
I hope you’re living it right
Ain’t no guarantee we’re gon’ make it
Ain’t no guarantee we’re gon’ make it
The time
The time
The time

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
Tick-tock of the clock
And it bumps and it knocks,
And it shocks and it stalks,
like a flock of the some hawks,
With the game on lock,
And you can’t take it back to the future we used to with Michael J. Fox,
Yesterday like Beatles, I mean it that I owned it
Like Michael Jackson Catalogue I beat, I beat it
The cancer got treated and times was so hard
I was depleted but never defeated I say? Say oh my god!
Milliseconds spent on the boulevard
Beating the odds
Nobody cares and nobody hears
High-school was minute ago
Where did the years go?
That moment flew by it was so pivotal
Daily Ritual
Am I spending my time right?
Do I rhyme right when I rhyme tight?
You hot then you fall to the flurry and bloom
I’m always in hurry I’m linking you soon
Worry bout euros and pesos
Reminisce about playing with Legos
My friends never see me because, I am forever way up my on my grind
These are the moments you can not rewind
These kids don’t know what that means
Digital age we turning the page
Damn I mean we swiping the screen
They say time is green
For forever we fiend
But that’s only a dream
I thought I was immortal — before the cancer
Time is a question without any answer

(Bridge – Jonathan Emile)
Homie I don’t ever see my friends — I ain’t got the time
Homie I don’t ever see my fam — I’m always on my grind
All I wanna do is spend the time - try to find the time
I hope you know you’re always on my mind you’re always only mind
I don’t ever see my friends — I ain’t got the time
I don’t ever see my fam — I’m always on my grind
All I wanna do is spend the time - try to find the time
You know I gotta do this thing, you’re always only mind

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
Time is life
Time is travel
Time is a ball of yarn that unravels
We measure in time -- time and time again
Take time for ourselves and make time for friends
I spend time with my lover that flies
Time is where we laugh and cry
Times of peace
Times of war
Time off work brother I need more
Rhythm is time
Rhyme takes time to settle in so open your mind
In times of change take time to grow
But that takes time and love you know
I wasn’t on time no disrespect
Time is just a human concept
Time we intertwine in the infinite divine
And time to our love is like fine wine